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Empowering customers and restoring trust

Discounts and superficial ads attract customers, but cause an antagonistic relationship that results in a race to the bottom. Actual dialogue enables a partnership.

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Personal data is sacred

We use ultra-secure blockchain technology to keep your personal information safe from companies, like Cambridge Analytica, that want to exploit it without your knowledge.

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Conversation is key

Dialogue helps our partners build more profitable, ethical, and sustainable businesses. We facilitate that personal conversation with every customer.

If you care about your privacy…

If you want to have a say in how the things you buy are made…

If you want to protect our land, water, and air…

If you care about sustainability…

If you care about worker's rights…

If you believe we are all interconnected…

If you believe in families being able to
afford the things they work so hard to earn…

If you want to have a voice…

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You deserve to shop in ways that protect your privacy, reward your value as a customer, and reflect your values as a person.

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Stores should make it worth your while to share information about yourself, and let you choose exactly what you share.

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You should have the power to promote ethical and sustainable business practices with the products you buy.

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Chosen by the Retail World's Largest Enterprise Solution

SAP selected Point 93 for its Startup Focus program in predictive and real-time big data analytics and featured Point 93 in a Forbes article exploring the use of artificial intelligence to drive more ethical retail practices.

Featured by the National Retail Federation

Point 93 was invited to present at the NRF annual conference as a recognized thought-leader on the integration of intelligent demand pricing with retail technology.


Point 93 at Davos 2018

Point 93 was featured at multiple events on the future of retail and blockchain technology during the World Economic Forum. Learn more about the changing relationships between retailers and their customers made possible by recent advances in blockchain-based self-sovereign identity technology, dynamic pricing, and corporate social responsibility.

One World Blockchain Forum - The Future of Retail
January 24, 2018

How self-sovereign identities, a novel form of revenue optimization, and sustainability will create value for both retailers and customers.

Wipro’s Next Generation Leadership Series
January 23, 2018

Real World Blockchain, Beyond the Hype of Bitcoin.

Caspian Week, Digital Impact Across Value Chains
January 22, 2018

Women Digital Leaders.


Indian Retail & eRetail Congress 2018,
New Delhi

April 2018

Point 93 has been invited to present how blockchain and digital payments can promote and validate ethical and sustainable business practices across retail supply chains from start to finish.

Blockchain Xplore

February 27, 2018

Women In Blockchain - Point 93 was featured on a panel of businesses in blockchain led by women shaping the future of technology.

Springboard’s New York Fashion Tech Lab

Point 93 was chosen as an innovator at the intersection of fashion and technology, fostering iteration, validation, and acceleration of technologies that advance the fashion industry.

Sponsored by Elo

Additional generous support by ELO, who provide us with their best-in-class touch screen technology.